Through the following initiatives, the Center for Business Preparedness aims to bring business principals and research to bear on disasters, produce applied research and disseminate best practices to business and practitioner communities, and build partnerships between academic scholars, emergency management practitioners and the private sector.

Emergency Management Orientation

The Emergency Manage Orientation consists of an Industry track and a Business track. The Industry orientation is a 1.5 hour seminar that covers the history and development of emergency management in Louisiana and how the system works, local emergency management procedures, State Police HAZMAT responsibilities and procedures, an overview of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute. The Business orientation also covers certain  aspects of emergency management, but focuses on business continuity planning.

Small Business Preparedness Workshops

The small business preparedness workshop is a half day training for small business owners and non-profit organizations. The workshops educates participants about the hazards and risks to which they are vulnerable and ways in which those hazards and risks can be reduced through multiple preparedness and mitigation methods. Participants leave the workshop with educational booklets and check-lists, along with an understanding of how to write their own business continuity plan. Since 2012, over 25 workshops have been held in the state of Louisiana and over 500 participants trained.

Business Continuity Planning

In order to increase organizations’ survivability through compliant, best-practice continuity measures – SDMI serves as an affordable, effective continuity planning resource for small to medium-sized businesses.    Through business continuity planning, an organization can reap the benefits of:  protecting sales and revenue, providing employee security and satisfaction, protecting company reputation, maintaining customer loyalty, improving business processes, and avoiding legal issues.  SDMI capabilities include implementation of the business continuity development process, including:  maintaining current best-practice methods, meeting requirements for comprehensive continuity management, remaining flexible to adapt to size and scope of business entities, and providing training services as needed.

Mobile Exercise Training

SDMI has the ability to facilitate a customized, scenario-driven table-top exercise for  businesses and industries as needed to include both natural disasters as well as man-made disasters.  Participants of mobile exercise training events may include key stakeholders from the public and private sector, local officials and responders, and representatives from various state agencies as needed.  SDMI will serve as a facilitator for the training exercise and can provide feedback as requested by business and industry representatives.